Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

The Most Luxurious Spas in Islamabad: Go Glam Spa

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad one of the best spa. How many times do you visit the spa in an average year? If your answer is almost never, then you’re not alone. Many people would love to visit spas on a regular basis, but they aren’t sure how to find one that meets their needs. They also don’t know how to find one that fits their budget and schedule. However, there are options out there, even if they aren’t nearby—and one such option is Go Glam Spa, located in Islamabad.

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

Services Offered

Go Glam spa offers a variety of services that help clients go glam. The services offered by Go Glam spa include: waxing, massages, and facial treatments. To learn more about these services, follow Go Glam spa on Facebook.

Private Suites

In many spas, you’ll share a room with others or you might feel awkward asking to use your massage therapist’s private office. Fortunately, at Go Glam Spa, you can book yourself a private session and enjoy that alone time. It’s so important to stay focused on your massage when using oils and other props, like aromatherapy products or hot stones. At Vip spa it can be easy to get distracted because you want to show off how goglam (and Instagram-worthy) it is!

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

Location & Contact Information

Located at Bahria Town Phase 4 Civic Center Block D ,
Plaza 153C Ground Floor Near Rasheed Sweet Islamabad For appointment call 0333 111 6565.

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

New Client Offer

During your first visit to Go Glam, we offer a series of services designed to improve health and beautify the body. If you’re new to our spa, or if you haven’t visited us for some time, please ask about our complimentary package. It’s our way of welcoming you back into our soothing embrace. For details on any service offered at Go Glam, call 0333 111 6565 today! We look forward to seeing you soon.
Every month go glam will have different packages and deals. Check out our website or facebook page for more information on what is going on at go glam!

Experience at Go Glam Spa

A few weeks ago I went to Go Glam spa, located near Eat Street. Since it was my first time visiting a massage center and I was more than a little nervous to actually go through with it, I asked my friends for advice. They said that going all by yourself to an actual spa is better than paying for overpriced massages at salons, so I went ahead and booked an appointment with just me and a hairdresser who would be administering my massage. It was a great experience—although some of my anxieties remained from beginning to end—but as soon as you walk into their building you can feel relaxed. The masseuse escorted me upstairs where we sat down next to each other on an incredibly comfortable couch and she started her session.

Luxurious Spas in Islamabad

20% Discount For Appointment

There are several spas and massage centers available in Islamabad. These spas do provide massage and different treatment packages to its clients but somehow, these places lack something which you can actually experience at a particular spa. You can now opt for a new spa located at Bahria Town Phase 4 Civic Center Block D , Plaza 153C Ground Floor Near Rasheed Sweet Islamabad. Its name is Go Glam Spa & Massage Center, it is equipped with all kinds of accessories that make you feel as if you are enjoying a soothing touch on your tired muscles after an exhausting day.Visit Now and get 20% off for first appointment Contact us today!


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