Manicure , Padicure


Dry and peeling nails are a sign that you need to get your nails cleaned. The last thing you’ll want to do after a long day at work is do your own manicure. If the look of your dry, chipped nails are bugging you, Visit Go Glam Spa for the best Manicure in Islamabad.

Go Glam Spa’ Manicure

Upgrade your Classic Manicure by adding a nourishing mask and a long hand and arm massage. This will make your hands look and feel fresh and smooth again.

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With our wide range of services, you can keep your feet in top shape. From fundamental manicures and pedicures to more decadent treatments such as paraffin wax, our services are meant to give super-soft skin and perfectly-groomed nails.

Go Glam Spa’ Pedicure

Give your feet a little extra tender loving care with our Spa Pedicure, which includes a deep exfoliating scrub and the application of a nutritious mask in addition to the ingredients of our extremely popular Classic Pedicure.

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