Full Body Massage

Top 10 Benefits of Full Body Massage

Top 10 Benefits of Full Body Massage

Full body massage provides so many health benefits, from increasing circulation to reducing stress, to simply just relaxing the mind and body after a long day. Most people don’t realize just how many amazing things full body massage can do, which is why we’ve decided to put together this list of the top 10 benefits of full body massage and share them with you! Take a look at what these incredible benefits are below and make sure you’re taking care of your body by giving it massages regularly!

1) Improve blood circulation

You can help maintain a healthy circulation by getting a full body massage. There are many ways that this can happen, but some popular methods include Shiatsu and Swedish. The skilled hands will work to break up the tension in your muscles, helping them to release while they increase blood flow at the same time. This kind of stimulation also encourages lymphatic drainage as well as waste removal.

Full Body Massage

2) Reduces stress

Stress is the body’s way of handling a difficult situation. However, when we experience stressful events in our lives on a regular basis, our bodies enter a chronic state of stress and produce stress hormones, such as cortisol. Once your system has been under constant stress for some time, it can lead to significant health issues such as anxiety and depression. So, if you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life so that you can stay healthy and happy, give yourself a full body massage. A professional massage therapist will use the oil from their hands along with pressure from their fingers, palms or elbows to break up any adhesions in your muscles and skin tissue.

3) Helps with allergies

Stress affects your immune system and can aggravate allergies. Full body massage can relieve anxiety by lowering your heart rate, breathing deeply, and regulating the production of cortisol. Since stress is such a common allergy trigger, relieving that stress will help with your symptoms significantly. It is also said that allergies are caused when blood flow to the head is limited so full body massage provides general stimulation to the muscles which increases blood flow to the head. A full body massage may help improve how you sleep, not only because it helps alleviate your allergies but because it releases muscle tension which improves circulation during sleep and allows for better energy levels when you wake up in the morning.

Full Body Massage

4) Removes toxins

The oils and herbs in essential oils will cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. With the extra blood flow stimulated by the massage, waste products are flushed out, restoring a healthy balance to your bodily systems. There is also an immediate effect on skin cells which allows your body to repair and heal itself. Some studies have shown that lymphocytes are increased following a single full-body massage session and normalize after repeated sessions. Endorphins, or happy hormones, will flow naturally as your stress level decreases with each passing minute as you relax into deep levels of rest. After a long day at work, it’s hard not to get carried away by how easy it is to drift off into a state of deep relaxation at the end of your massage session.

5) Relieves pain/discomfort

There are many benefits to receiving a full body massage and one of the most common reported benefits is relief from pain or discomfort. Here are just a few ways that massage therapy can help improve your quality of life:
1) Improves Blood Circulation – Increased blood flow encourages healing, reduces swelling, and improves muscle mobility.
2) Decreases Inflammation – Inflammation plays a huge role in all sorts of diseases like arthritis, asthma, digestive issues, IBS and more. Triggering the body’s natural inflammatory response can often be therapeutic for people suffering from chronic inflammation.
3) Reduces Stress Levels – Your muscles store tension when you’re stressed.

6) Improves posture

Good posture is important for both physical and mental well-being. Slouching, which puts pressure on the spine, can lead to back and neck pain as well as poor circulation. Full body massage is a great way to improve your posture because it increases the flow of blood through your muscles, stretches tight muscles and relieves aches and pains. Many people who have experienced full body massage say they feel like they have had their spine aligned or that they are taller than before they received treatment. Full body massage treatments typically last between 90 minutes and 2 hours, depending on what part of the body is being massaged.

Full Body Massage

7) Relieves back aches and pains

The daily grind can take a toll on the body and cause pain in joints, muscles, and even other areas. Luckily, there is a massage for all that icky discomfort! A full body massage can provide relief from backaches, neck aches, and general pain. For those who suffer from chronic pain or discomfort because of years of physical wear and tear, there are various techniques to help alleviate the stress caused by restricted motion due to injuries and conditions like arthritis. Even without physical injuries or ailments, anyone can benefit from this relaxing spa treatment!

8) Increases energy levels

A full body massage increases your energy levels and is an excellent method for boosting health. Full body massage can also be used to calm the mind and release tension, which may result in higher quality sleep. People who experience anxiety or depression may notice a significant reduction in symptoms after just one full body massage. Improved blood circulation means more oxygen is getting to vital organs, which in turn will encourage healthier cell production.

Full Body Massage

9) Increases immune system

Full body massage works by increasing your immune system. This means that the more often you have a full body massage, the better your immunity will be.

10) Improves sleep quality

According to WebMD, massages from a professional therapist can promote better sleep quality and duration. Further, the deep tissue pressure applied to the body during a massage can trigger the body’s natural relaxation response. This leads to lower levels of stress hormones like cortisol, which may affect sleep patterns.



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